Hoover UH70831PC Review

A lot of vacuums that have the term ‘pet’ in their names are excellent at removing pet hair and dander. But when it comes to other tasks, their performance is subpar. This puts homeowners in a spot of bother because it is not very convenient to own and use two vacuums.

If you are looking for a good quality pet vacuum that also offers a stellar performance with regular vacuuming tasks, then the Hoover UH70831PC should be on the top of your wish list.

This is an upright vacuum that boasts of Hoover’s Windtunnel 2 technology along with some very impressive features peppered in for good measure. The result is a powerful vacuum that offers a uniform performance across tasks and simplifies a lot of tasks around the home.

Hoover UH70831PC Features

The UH70831PC looks slightly different as compared to the T-Series models but more or less retains the semi-translucent design that most people are familiar with. It comes almost ready-to-use out of the box and all that you need to do is remove the screw and insert the handle.

At 17.4 pounds, it is not the lightest vacuum in the market. But it is not a very heavy one either and allows easy maneuvers around furniture. To further enhance this, the unit features a long 25 foot cord that auto-rewinds into the machine at the push of a button.

This is a signature feature in the newer Hoover vacuum models that tips the scales in its favor even when compared to higher priced models. Nobody likes to bend down and pull messy cords around the house after vacuuming.

As always, the control buttons are positioned to allow easy access. Everything from the power buttons to the removable filter, the easy-release dirt cup and the beater brush can be accessed at the touch of one or two buttons at the most. This makes it extremely easy to toggle between different settings on the item.

The package includes a series of rubberized pet tool attachments including an Upholstery Tool, a crevice tool and a turbo tool for cleaning furniture. The model is one of the few vacuums that have a long ten feet reach above the ground making it perfect for cleaning ceilings and other high places that are otherwise hard to reach.

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UH70831PC Performance

When it comes to removing pet hair, the machine outscores a lot of other models at this price point. The WindTunnel 2 Technology makes a significant difference in the amount of debris and dirt that is removed from even the lushest carpeting. That is because it relies on two suction channels to remove the air as opposed to conventional cleaners which only have one.

The five position easy height adjustments lets you customize the vacuum head according to the surface that you are vacuuming. You can switch seamlessly from normal carpet, to hardwood floor to pile high carpet and back without even having to bend to make the adjustments.

A removable and rinsable HEPA filter blocks even the teeniest, microscopic allergen that may be lurking around in your carpet. On the flip side of the filter is a carbon filter that helps to remove unwanted odors from the surface.

Once you are done vacuuming, all you need to do is press a single button to release the debris directly into a trash receptacle. No need to get your hands dirty to empty the canister.

Performance wise, the UH70831PC shines on the carpet and does a more thorough vacuuming job than most other vacuums at this price point. The performance on the bare floor is satisfactory too. But since it is priced much lower as compared to other brands like Dyson, this one does have a few niggles, especially if you use it consistently for months. The rubberized attachments are not the best quality. But once again, if you consider the price, it offers tremendous value for money.


  • User friendly design with easy-to-access control buttons
  • 25 feet auto-rewind cord with an 8 feet extension cord
  • Reusable HEPA/Carbon filter
  • Rubberized pet tool pack
  • WindTunnel 2 Technology for thorough cleaning on variety of surfaces
  • 10 feet above the ground reach
  • Five position height adjustment
  • Easy release bottom cup


The UH70831PC is a great budget-priced vacuum for pet hair removal. But the multiple attachments and the dual cyclonic air technology make it a perfect choice for routine home vacuuming tasks also. At the price point, you cannot ask for anything more.

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