Hoover UH70605 Review

Pet owners often find themselves at their wit’s end trying to figure out how to remove pet hair from almost every inch in the house. From clinging on to carpet to settling down on the most expensive suit you’ve just bought, pet hair will find its way to the most unlikely surface and mock every attempt you make at removing it with a cookie-cutter vacuum or a lint roll.

Hoover is one of the few brands who have a proven solution for removing pet hair and their vacuums are used by thousands of pet owners to keep their homes fur-free. Their WindTunnel range of Vacuums with their patented dual-cyclonic air system is extremely effective at dislodging the hair from their most intricate hiding places and vacuuming it out of your house.

The Hoover UH70605 is one of the most popular models from this range and features 3 suction channels that extract the most stubborn pet hair, dirt and grime from any surface in your home.

A Closer Look at The Hoover UH70605

First time Hoover users will be pleasantly surprised at the awe-inspiring upright design that is a signature across their range of vacuums. Along with a larger brush head, the UH70605 also gives you more power, a warranted feature if you are looking for a solution for pet hair.

If you have owned one of Hoover’s vacuums before, then you will notice that this model has a slightly larger footprint and also weighs more at 23 lbs. This takes nothing away from the maneuverability or the portability of the vacuum. It is still, incredibly easy to move around the house.

Club that with a 28 foot long cord with an auto-rewind feature (no more stooping to wind the cord) and you can easily clean multiple rooms without bothering with changing switch plugs. A 12 feet extension hose enhances the functionality and betters your reach in places that are hard-to-reach otherwise. With 15 feet of reach, it puts an end to the common insinuation that some of its predecessors were subject to.

As always, Hoover ensures that minimal effort is required on your part to use the vacuum or change the settings. The brush roll can be operated with a pedal switch and you can tailor the height of the cleaning head in seven different height settings.

When it’s not in use, the handle folds away reducing its footprint and allowing you to store it away with ease.

UH70605 Performance

Like most of Hoover’s items, the UH70605 comes ready-to-use out of the box. And you will be impressed for sure with its performance. The 3 suction channels remove even the tiniest particles and the multi-cyclonic suction system (12 cyclones) separates them before they find their way into the HEPA media filter.

More than 99.97% of debris and pollen down to the size of 0.3 microns are trapped in the washable filter and it has an activated Carbon media that also absorbs odor.

It will sniff out and vacuum the hair and dander in your carpeted surfaces. That’s undoubtedly, the forte of the machine and something that the manufacturers pride on. But when you add the 15 inch long nozzle which translates into fewer passes and the 7 height settings that make it ridiculously simple to clean different types of surfaces, you have a very versatile machine that can quickly replace your existing vacuum.

There are specialized tool attachments to clean your upholstery and crevices. And the Rubberized Pet Turbo Tool can be used for a quick cleaning in your automobile, mattresses and clothing.


Hoover expands on its most popular design by making it more powerful and giving it a better reach. There is nothing that the UH70605 cannot handle. From the thickest pet hair to the tiniest dead skin, you can be rest assured that it will be removed from your home on any type of surface.

  • Upright design for easy maneuvers
  • 28 feet long power cord
  • 12 feet long extension hose
  • 3 suction channels
  • 12 cyclones for separation
  • Wider brush head for fewer passes
  • Multiple accessories for different surfaces
  • HEPA media filter with activated carbon
  • Bag less design for increased

The Final Verdict

The Hoover UH70605 is an end to your never ending pet-hair woes. It easily rivals the performance of a much higher priced Dyson. With one of the strongest suction systems in the market, it can tackle anything that you throw at it.  If you were on the fence about buying one of these vacuums, then toss your worries to the wind and grab one. It will be an investment that you cherish.

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