Hoover UH70210 Review

When your furry friend goes treasure hunting behind the couch, under the rug, into the kitchen, err…just about everywhere in the house really, it looks enchanting. But they leave behind a trail of pet hair, dander and fur that can quickly find their way into carpet piles, furniture and even into your respiratory tract.

Not very enchanting then.

You might use a million lint rolls and still have some of it left behind. What you need is a specialized pet vacuum cleaner that can suck-in even the teeniest strand of pet hair that may have snuck into a cozy crevice between the skirting board and the floor.

With a reputation that spans over a century and a proven performance for years, the product is a perfect choice for a homeowner who’s at wits end trying to rid the home of pet shedding. But, its utility is by no means limited to that. It is a great quality machine for everyday cleaning tasks.

Hoover UH70210 Features

The UH70210 has a signature hoover design that has been unchanged for years now. Why fix it if it works?

It is heavy duty and feels solid when you first take it out of the box. But is surprisingly lightweight at 18 pounds and you can maneuver it easily around the room. It comes with a generous 27 foot long cord that allows you to vacuum a large sized room and maybe even the adjacent one without switching the plug.

Hoover has always emphasized on easy-to-use controls and true to the brand, we have a washable ‘Hepa Filter’ on the bottom that is easy to remove and clean. It has a charcoal filter on the other side which helps remove pet odor. The power button is intuitively placed and lets you power on/off the vacuum without tinkering too much with the settings.

The Brush roll, which is at the bottom can be turned on and off with a knob, allowing you to switch seamlessly between carpet and bare floor vacuuming. Further, it is adjustable manually up to 5 positions. To engage or disengage the brush, all you need to do is use the selector pedal. This makes it a versatile choice for everything from high-pile carpet to bare floors.

The UH70210 is a bag-less machine which makes it ridiculously easy to empty the canister. It pops out with a one-button-click and releases the dirt and pet hair.

One of the most important features of the device is the auto-retracting power cord. It eliminates a lot of unwanted hassles of having to find and wind the cord manually. The cord retracts back into the machine in a controlled fashion and does not flay around haphazardly.

The package includes a bundle of useful accessories like the air-powered pet hand tool, pet furniture nozzle, crevice tool and extension wand (8 ft).

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Hoover UH70210 Performance

At the heart of the UH70210 is a 12 amp motor that has been carried forward from Hoover’s old WindTunnel vacuum (the non-pet version) and works like a beast without any problems whatsoever.

The dual cyclonic WindTunnel Technology which channelizes the air from the vacuum nozzle to the reservoir, allows uniform cleaning across the length and width of the vacuum head. You will not have to adjust the position to clean an area.

Carpet: The brush roll combined with the air flow system and the powerful motor are a perfect combination that dislodges even the most difficult pet hair and debris with ease.

Bare Floor: Thanks to the manually adjustable brush roll height, it is easy to set the machine down to the exact position where the brush comes into contact with the floor. This ensures that any dirt or debris that is dislodged by the brush is not tossed away. However, the item does leave some of the more finite dust particles behind indicating that it may not be the best choice for bare floor vacuuming. It does a very decent job, mind you. But it is not the best choice that you have.

The built-in thermal protection ensures that this model can be used for hours without the risk of the machine overheating. If you are cleaning after a few months, then you no longer have to divide it to multiple cleaning sessions.


  • Light weight and maneuverable design with a 27 feet power cord
  • Auto rewind system for the cord that eliminates bending
  • Easy-to-access control buttons
  • One-click release canister
  • 5-Position manually adjustable Beater Brush
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Washable Hepa Filter with a  carbon/charcoal filter on the rear
  • System check indicator that informs you when it’s time to wash the filer
  • Immaculate cleaning for removing pet hair

Possible Cons: The length of the hose is the only possible let down in this brilliantly designed machine. This limits the reach of the machine to the ceiling.


The UH70210 is a powerful vacuum for homes with pets. At the same time, the multiple accessories and the versatile features make it a great choice for any home. You cannot go wrong with the UH70210. It has more than 4,000 customers reviews on Amazon.

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