Hoover HU88P8PM Review

Hoover’s pet hair centric vacuum cleaners enjoy a stellar reputation in the online world, especially on pet forums. A lot of pet owners who reside outside the United States have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction at being unable to buy these vacuums because of the voltage incompatibility. Taking this into account, Hoover has come up with the Hoover HU88P8PM Power 8 which is targeted specifically at the international market. It runs on 220-240 Volt and will not work in the United States.

This model is undoubtedly, one of the most powerful vacuum models from Hoover. It boasts of a stunning 4 Liters capacity, a single cyclone technology and an H12 HEPA filtration system, which will help you clear pet hair and dead skin from your home with ease.

Hoover HU88P8PM Features

The item is a bagless vacuum with an upright design that is based on Hoover’s most popular models. It has the signature transparent dirt canister that reveals the amount of pet hair and debris that is vacuumed from your home, giving you the satisfaction of the completed cleaning job.

The HU88P8PM is a very light weight machine and weighs just under 16 lbs. You will not get tired lugging it around the house, nor do you have to worry about not being able to maneuver it around furniture. The compact design betters the chances of being able to move it without bumping into things.

It comes with a 32 feet long cord that allows you to vacuum multiple rooms without changing the power switch. If you have an old house with minimal power switches, then the long cord size saves time and reduces hassles.

Control buttons are placed intuitively allowing you to adjust the height of the cleaning brush and use the cord clip to prevent the cord from interfering with the cleaning.

To allow easy access to the ceiling, the item comes with a 10.4 feet hose and a 2 piece extension system. You will never feel limited by the lack of reach with this special machine.

The dirt canister has a large 4 liter capacity allowing you to continue using it for months before it needs to be emptied. Even when it does, it is extremely easy to detach and empty without releasing the dust and allergens into the air.

On the cleaning front, Hoover supplies a couple of extra attachment tools which improve the functionality of the machine. You can use the crevice brush for cleaning nooks and crannies, the dusting brush for removing pet hair from upholstery and the turbo tool for dislodging pet hair that is otherwise difficult to remove.

Vacuuming with HU88P8PM

The first thing that you cannot help but notice is the stronger suction on the device as compared to some of the other bagless models. The 300 AW suction power and the single cyclone technology gives it more teeth and will tackle just about any kind of hair or debris that you throw at it.

It is barebones, but extremely effective at what it does.

Run it on the part of your carpet that is most saturated with pet-hair first and notice how the vacuum cleans it completely within just seconds. A lot of users have commented on being able to completely clean high pile with this vacuum.

The Anti-bacterial H12 HEPA Filtration system ensures that even the tiniest dust particle do not escape. It also rids your home off any unpleasant pet odors that may be lurking around. Clubbed with the bagless container, this keeps the allergens and bacteria safely contained.

The manual height adjustment is extremely handy when you are cleaning different types of surfaces in the same room. Switch from bare floor to carpeted rug without stooping or tinkering with buttons.


Hoover has picked their most popular bagless models and given it more power to create the HU88P8PM. It may not boast of the fancy bells and whistles that some of its other models have. But it is one of the most powerful vacuums from the company. If it’s pet hair that you want to remove, then this will get it done. Here are a few features that we liked the most.

  • Compact sized and light weight
  • 220V-240V voltage compatible for international use
  • 300 AW Suction
  • Bagless design for easy cleaning and reduced maintenance costs (no buying bags)
  • 4 liters capacity
  • 3 different tools for complete cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial H12 HEPA Filtration
  • Manual adjustment of the brush height
  • 31 feet cord for unabridged use around the house
  • Extension hose for enhanced reach

The Final Verdict

The HU88P8PM Power 8 is one of the best vacuums from Hoover. If you reside in a country that uses 220-240V, then do not think twice.

Grab this from Amazon and eliminate your pet-hair woes forever.