Dyson V6 Mattress Review

After your day’s hard work, the only thing that you probably want is a good night’s sleep. And you probably have one of the top notch mattresses at home. But all of these are not enough to ensure you have a sound sleep, unless you have dust on your mattress. In plain eyes, you might not see anything, but this seemingly harmless surface of your mattress is home for millions of dust mites. These dust mites produce feces that may cause Asthma or Eczema and hence cleaning a mattress is vital, not only for a sound sleep but also to keep your health fit.

Now the question arises; how do you clean a mattress so thick? Even if you are able to clean the surface, does it ensure no dust mites are present? Well, the answer is just the opposite. The favorite place for dust mites are the inner layers of mattresses where you cannot reach. Only a powerful suction can draw them out and remove them. And this tool does this job with ease.

The product is specially designed for cleaning mattresses. It is a vacuum cleaner, but it specializes in cleaning mattress. Just to give you freedom in cleaning, it offers you 100% cordless operation so that you don’t have to worry about carrying the wire along with you all the time.

This model comes with a powerful Dyson motor that creates tremendous suction pressure on your mattress that even the dust mites and the feces and other dust particles are sucked away from the deepest layer of your mattress. Also, there are filters attached to it so that the dust mites and the allergens it sucks up don’t get mixed in the air again. The motorized mattress tool agitates the mattress while cleaning to gain maximum effect.

Another very amazing feature of this tool is that it makes very little noise and thus you won’t have that feeling of disgust while cleaning with it. The battery is powerful and lasts enough time to provide you a clean mattress and there are different modes which you can select according to your requirement.

The design of this Dyson machine is superb and ergonomic. This has been designed in such a way that it won’t create strain for your hand even after a long usage. The bin emptying system is also very hygienic. This cleaner can also work as your car seat cleaner and because of its design, you can reach up to the most impossible corners of your seat and give it a good cleaning.

With a charging of 3.5 hours, it would give you 20 minutes of super strong and effective leaning and the weight of this machine is only 3.5 lbs., with a bin volume of 0.12 gallon. Use this product and you would definitely have a great sleep- that’s a guarantee.