Dyson V6 Animal Review

With the advancements in modern technology, vacuum cleaners have become substantially more powerful as compared to the time when they were introduced in the market. Now there are different models offered by a number of manufacturers and each is designed for a specific task. Some of them are real powerhouses designed to clean all sorts of dust no matter the surface while some are specifically designed to clean dust from a certain area. The purpose of this discussion is to talk about this particular Dyson vacuum. More specifically, we will review its features and have a look at the advantages of having this product in the house. So, keep reading if you are in need of a powerful cleaner.

To start with, the most important feature of this product offering is its extraordinary brush power that lets you clean thoroughly. In addition, this model comes with accessories that are quite handy in sucking the dust particles from difficult areas of the place. Going into the details of some of its important features, it is cord free which means you don’t have to be worried about getting the cord stuck in some random place as you’re vacuuming. Because it is cordless, the whole task of cleaning becomes hassle free. It also has a modern direct drive head which enables effective cleaning. The superior brush power allows easy cleaning of the carpet and other surfaces which are considered difficult to clean.

It is powered by a digital motor which enables you to move this item without a cord. Basically, it is the power of the motor that has enabled superior cleaning features so it is worth the mention. Another feature which makes this model worthwhile is its two tier cyclone technology which maximized the air flow and thus the machine is able to collect all sorts of microscopic dust particles. It has a special mode of powerful fade suction that you can turn on. It has another mode of max power than users can use to boost suction. In addition, it also has a miniaturized tool that allows for specific cleaning of the pet hair. Similarly, the dusting brush can also help in removing mini particles that get stuck in upholstery. This brush is also ideal and perfect for cleaning different furniture items. Handheld cleaning is also supported by the unit which is another plus that you don’t enjoy with all other product offerings.

The bin emptying method is typically quite unhygienic if we talk about cleaners; however, this is not the case with this special unit because you just have to push the button to fully empty the bin. The docking station is also something that offers convenience and ease of usage. The weight of the model is just 5 pounds as compared with other machines that are far more bulky. The satisfaction rate of this product is very close to 100 percent suggesting it is a machine that delivers what it promises. So make a smart choice today by buying it for your place.