Bissell 8531 Review

Bissell is the new number one brand when it comes to floor care sales, outpacing other name brands, such as Hoover. First opening as a manufacturing plant in 1883, ┬áBissel has over 100 years of experience in the business, building quite a name for themselves. The campany has since expanded from solely selling mechanical sweepers to selling vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers. Woolite has even acquired a license to the brand, showing how large it has come. Lately, they have been focusing on the pet care industry, helping keep pet-filled homes clean. That’s why, as an owner of four fur babies and counting, I love this brand. The 8531 is a great model. It has a lot of great features and technology. It is a bit more expensive, but this device is worth it in a household with a lot of pet fur.

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BISSELL 8531 Features

This style of Bissell vacuum comes with very powerful suction and an innovative brush design. OnePass technology means it cleans on the initial pass and does not need to pass over the same spot multiple times to pick up dirt. In doing so, this allows for a shorter cleaning time with less hassle. A built-in tool as such also captures dirt and pet hair that has been trapped deep down, eliminating any mess that has been there for an extended period.

The item comes with a foot activated brush control to turn it on and off, allowing an added convenience to your cleaning time, enabling you to push a button with your foot instead of bending over when you change flooring types. This feature offers a scatter-free suction when being used on hard flooring so that dirt isn’t flung everywhere when the brush roll is on.

Unfortunately not a wireless vacuum, this unit has a 27-foot cord. It has a full arsenal of tools, complete with a specialized TurboEraser pet hair tool, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an extension wand, and an odor-absorbing carbon filter. The dirt tank is easy to empty and opens at the bottom. This tool weighs 18.1 pounds, allowing for relatively easy vacuuming.


The only issue about this product is that it can be hard to push around or get moving. Thankfully, this generally only happens on floors that have carpet, especially plusher forms. However, the reason for this is the suction power that comes with the vacuum. It will get the job done the first time, so you won’t have to hassle with it for long. We have found that it doesn’t have this problem on hard floors such as tile.


I would highly recommend the this 8531 model to anyone who has a lot of pet fur and dander within their house. The CleanView will help to keep your home fur-free and lessen a number of allergens in it – you can now live without a pack of Claritin constantly at your side! It works easiest with hard floors, so I think it would do best in a household with thinner carpet or mostly hard surfaces for the floor. With all of the cleaning tools and the multi-cyclonic system, this vacuum will make cleaning not only your floors but your whole house, a breeze.

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