Bissell 81L2A Review

The Bissell name has been around for well over a hundred years, patenting the first Bissell carpet sweeper in 1876. The company got its start with mechanical sweepers and now has moved into both vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers. They specialize in pet care products, that aid in the upkeep of a household with pets. As a pet owner, I look for products specifically designed with pets in mind. This Bissell vacuum was created by a company that understands what it takes to clean up pet hair and dandruff. It sits very low on the vacuum price range, especially for a Bissell, but still cleans like a pro.

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Bissell 81L2A Features

The v shape allows for larger debris to get sucked into the center, while the suction paths at the end capture the small debris. Having this feature allows for the tool to catch all of the dirt and mess on your floors without trouble. The wipers on the head are made with a hair-attracting rubber material, allowing for more hair to get picked up than with suction alone. The shape of the base provides easy cleaning along furniture legs as well as along baseboards and even in tight spaces.

Unlike other brands, there are no attachments or brooms needed with this style of vacuum. It is small and lightweight enough to be carted around to wherever you need it within the home. Boasting about cyclonic technology, the machine is bagless. Easy to assemble, this unit also comes with an easy to empty dirt cup. The design of the model was made for with easy pet mess clean-up in mind. It is very lightweight, coming in at only 7.1 pounds. Between the swivel head and the weight of the unit, you are easily able to clean around furniture legs and clutter.


A negative aspect of the product is the noise. Vacuums are inherently loud for the most part. However, it is deafening during use, even for a vacuum. Fortunately, this is due to the suction power, which creates a lot of noise to get all of the strength it needs for an excellent cleaning. I think that is a fair compromise to make when considering that this one is great at getting up dirt and dog/cat hair and messes. A compromise like this is something I’m willing to deal with in return for raw, cleaning power.


I would recommend this particular model, especially for those in small homes or living in apartments. Due to the tool’s size, it is perfect for small areas and floorplans. While it could get the job done in a bigger home, the lightweight, small frame allows easy maneuverability within a tight area. It has a great reach for a corded vacuum, and the special design of the head allows for great pickup for dirt and dog hair alike. This Bissell version is unique and designed with pet messes in mind. The v shape is specially designed for better suction, and excellent hair pick up. It is a great buy, especially for the price.

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