Bissell 1650A Review

Bissell is a company that has been dedicated to carpet cleaning since day one. Melville Bissell, the founder of the brand, first started his journey by creating a rug sweeping machine for the shop he ran along with his wife. In no time, the company was an international sensation, selling around 1000 sweepers per day.

Lately, the company has begun focusing on pet care within the household. They have initiated designing of their products with attachments specifically for the clean-up of animal hair. I, myself, own four dogs and am always on the lookout for products that can help maintain the cleanliness of my fur filled home. This is a powerful machine for pet heavy households, with its special brush roll and patented spooling system.

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Bissell 1650A Features

Built with an internal hair management system that traps and separates all of the human and pet hair from the dirt. It then spools the hair together for an entirely hands-free way to empty out the contents. A feature as such is especially convenient when dumping the contents, as the dirt is not mixed with the hair and clogging up the dirt tank.

The item comes with a complete set of innovative tools made for pet hair removal. There is a quick release wand that comes out with the touch of a button for fast and easy use. Another feature in this tool is an LED crevice tool for bright cleaning of dark corners and spaces. The tool is also optimal for furniture and stairs, proving to be as efficient as the machine itself.

Lastly, there is also a 2 in 1 pet brush for all other areas. The 2 in 1 feature allows easy removal of any embedded animal hair and dirt from all areas of the household. This model helps to capture and hold any dust and allergens inside, so they are unable to escape back into breathable air. There is a direct suction path for edge-to-edge suction and is built for multi-surface cleaning. The device can also be easily maneuvered around furniture and only weighs 18 pounds.


At 18 pounds, one negative aspect of the item is that it’s quite a heavy item. It’s possible that you will get tired or worn out quickly from using it, especially in a larger home or a completely carpeted home. On the upside, this unit works incredibly well, so, hopefully, you won’t be using it all that much, to begin with. It gets the job done the first time.

My Recommendation

I would recommend this product, especially for those in a household with pets that shed. The unique features that come with model, like the brush roll, cyclonic hair spool system, and specialized pet tools, make cleaning up after your furry friend a super easy job. Even with its weight, you will be happy with this tool. It works well and gets the job done in one try, so you won’t need to lug it around for hours or frequently throughout the week. The price of this item is slightly on the higher end, but it’s worth the purchase and carries that famous and sturdy Bissell brand.

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