Bissell 1319 Review

Melville Bissell started the company over 100 years ago when he created a carpet sweeping machine for him and his wife to use in their shop. The company quickly became a sensation, going international in the 1890s. They eventually expanded to selling vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooers, which are the products most of us are familiar with. Bissell has now begun to focus on the pet care industry, creating products that focus on pet hair and messes.

As an owner of four dogs, I truly appreciate the brand for providing a product that focuses on pet messes. This is a great vacuum, especially for the price. It works wonders and has multiple features that are perfect for pet filled homes.

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Bissell 1319 Features

The device comes with a complete tool arsenal which includes a Pet TurboEraser tool, a pet hair corner tool, and a lint strip. These tools are specifically designed to eliminate pet hair and dirt in the home. The filtration system contains an odor absorbing carbon filter, as well as an indicator light for the dirt filter to alert you when it needs to be cleaned or changed.

The included features in total are great and provide an efficient filtration system to help keep allergens and dirt out of your home. Featuring an on and off switch for the brush roll, this adds convenience to the life of a busy body. Instead of not being able to turn off the brush roll, you can flip it on and off with the touch of your foot – no more backbreaking bends! The dirt tank quickly empties from the bottom for mess free use, and doing so requires no lifting or pulling out the contents by yourself.

The implanted system reduces household allergens, combating indoor allergies for people who suffer from them. The unit provides a nice, deep clean by loosening and lifting all embedded dirt and hair that can be hard to get with other vacuums. The powerful suction provides an excellent clean the first time around. The brush rolls on and off control offers a scatter-free suction on hard surface flooring. The CleanView comes complete with an automatic cord rewind for the 27′ power cord. The model only weighs 15.5 pounds for easy, lightweight use.

Cons of the 1319

A disadvantage to using this machine is that its head is relatively wide. If you have a lot of furniture or small rooms, this could pose a problem. A con as such can make it hard to maneuver it around furniture or get it into tight spaces, and become less convenient. It’s most definitely ideal for big rooms or rooms with less furniture, and its set of tools aids in cleaning any small areas in which the head cannot fit.


From my cleaning craze experiences, I recommend this model. It is well worth the value as it has a multi-level filtration system that helps to combat household allergens that can affect your health.

The multi-cyclonic system allows for powerful suction that lasts for a long time and is lightweight enough to maneuver easily. The brush roll adds multi-surface cleaning to its list of positives. Overall, this vacuum is a great buy, especially for the price.

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